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Jobedu Culture and Values

Our Culture

One of our greatest assets as a company is our culture, both internally and externally. It’s not only the secret sauce that makes us awesome; it’s the core ingredient for our past, present and future success. We live by these core values every second of our being. Our culture is a lifestyle. We don't switch a lifestyle on and off. We always live it.

Our Core Values

1 - A Players Only

We receive tonnes of CVs. We employ people who we perceive are the best as per the interview. But what matters most is the positive impact they have on the team doing their job. It's up to each individual to show us their A game 24/7, keeping in mind that being an A Player is not a moment, it's a constant state. Being an A player yesterday does not necessary mean you will be an A Player tomorrow unless you bring that drive with you.

A Players are :

  • Energetic, proactive and self motivated,
  • Results driven and focused
  • Exceptional team players,
  • Detail Oriented
  • Professional communicators and listeners
  • Exhibit an awesome attitude with everyone on team and off.
  • Fully take responsibility for their shortfalls and do their best to rectify them.
  • Accept and respect company rules and procedures while raising any issues, concerns in the appropriate and professional manner that is in the benefit of the company and team’s collective growth and stability.
  • Share their insight, experience and education with their peers
  • In constant competition with themselves.
  • Respect the sanctity of deadlines,
  • Treat all teammates with respect at all times.
  • Do not make up excuses, rather they find solutions.
  • Fully understand that ego is only their personal hurdle to growth, not the team’s problem.
  • Put the company’s and team’s collective interests before that of individuals
  • Know the importance of working hard and playing hard.
  • Perceive all evaluations as growth opportunities
  • Dedicated to their personal development
  • 0 EGO. we have no space for ego in the company.
  • Master the art of time management
  • Reliable
  • Fully aware that their only way forward in the company is their day-to-day achievements on the job and their potential to grow, not how long they’ve been on the team.

2 - Create mind-blowing experiences all around you

We didn't start Jobedu to blend in. We did it to stand out. We did it because we want to celebrate our culture, each other and enjoy being here. Being us. We strive to showcase that in everything we do.

3 - A resourceful team moving forward together in harmony

Our journey started with $4000. Having achieved what we've done till today it's very hard to believe that. The only way we were able to do it is by being resourceful. To create opportunities is to decide your own destiny. At Jobedu, for example, we took an everyday product and gave it more meaning than ever. And we didn't do it alone. We did it with a growing awesome team. We need to always be running at the same speed and continuously pick up the pace. We march like an army.

4 - Seek quality and celebrate excellence

Quality is what our reputation is built on. The quality of the product, quality of the service, quality of the staff, and quality of the shopping experience... we invest and want to invest much more on quality. We celebrate excellence in our quality the way an artist showcases a masterpiece... with pride.

5 - Seek knowledge from everywhere, make mistakes and approach everything creatively.

Having an idea is the easy part. The hard part was learning accounting, inventory management, supply chain, PR, supplier relations, business analysis, e-commerce, finance, IT... and much more. The first thing we learned however is that the learning will never ever stop.The second thing we learnt is that mistakes are the best teachers ever. Where we are today is the sum of an insane number of mistakes done over the years and we look forward to making many more mistakes in the future. Rule of thumb though is that you are only allowed to make the same mistake once. After that , learn and move forward to another new mistake. Needless to say: creativity is in everything we do and without it our channels will run dry in no time so keep the juices flowing!

6 - Positive, trusting, honest, humble, helpful, flexible and involved.

These are a whole bunch of adjectives that we all aspire to live by. Everyday we need to train those muscles as much as possible. It’s a workout for the soul and you will feel lighter and happier with each passing day. The good news is that we're surrounded by people who are dedicated to what we are dedicated to so it’s much easier to achieve zen with each and every one of those adjectives. Understand each and apply them at work and reap the reward. Your personal lives will get better too and that’s just a bonus we're not charging you for.

7 - Diverse individuals yet collective and communal

We don't want clones. We don't want people who remind us of ourselves. We want to surround ourselves with people from many different walks of life. We embrace diversity and it’s strength. It brings many experiences and opinions to the table and only through that will awesome ideas come to life. Be yourself and don't conform. You would be chosen to be on this team because you are different. We want you to bring your uniqueness to everything you do. We want you to stand out. We don't give a crap about race, nationality, gender, what religion you are, your sexual orientation, that you have tattoos all over...whatever. We love and respect you for who you are, the choices you've made and what you bring to the team. At the same time together we are very communal. We are one team, one army. Together we are cemented and no differences show from the outside. We defend the team with pride and show it off to everyone.

8 - Share pressure to succeed in achieving team objectives

We have HUGE plans for our company and we don’t expect the burden of achieving them to be on one person's shoulder. One of the most important things about our success is respecting and appreciating at the deepest level humanly possible that each and every teammate shares a whole lot of stress so that you don't have to take on the monster head on. Individual evaluations are not based on what you can do on your own. They are based on what you can do as part of a team. Take on another person's stress when you can unconditionally. The time will come when you will need a helping hand and we'll all be there to help you.

9 - Constantly Evolve

To not change is to defy nature. Defy nature and perish. The one common trait between all living organisms is the creed to survive. To survive in business (and everything else in life) is to never accept the status quo. Always enhance processes. Always challenge existing rules. Always question whether there is a better way to deliver. To fail to do so is to become a thing of the past. A Dinosaur.

10 - Bleed Fun

If we're not having fun what’s the point of any of this? If any of you are not having fun here it’s in all our best interest that you go pursue your passion elsewhere and we will be the first to support you in anything that will make you happier. We don't want to have fun from 9 - 5 or on a shift we want to have fun 24 / 7! We want to have fun doing the boring stuff. We want to have fun while we're having fun. We want inventory counts to reek with fun. We want data entry to feel like a trip to Disney. First and foremost we all understand the difference between playing around and having fun and delivering outstanding results. With only A Players on the team that will never be a problem.

Lets Shine :)